Get ready for an unforgettable weekend at VAN JAM, the ultimate music festival and caravanning / RV experience! Join us as we celebrate the very best of Australian rock music – showcasing some of the country’s top artists and emerging talents! PLUS, an OFF ROAD OFF GRID EXPO, showcasing the latest off grid technology, and exciting array of hands-on demos and workshops!

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Yes! The whole family is welcome. Make sure the kids check out the kids activities area: miniVAN, with daily games and activities for all age groups. We even have a special act on the line-up that your little ones are sure to love! Watch this space for more details!

Please note that under 18 tickets must be purchased in conjunction with an adult ticket.

As much as we love all the furry friends, pets are unfortunately not allowed at VAN JAM 2023.

Yes, tickets for 5-17 year olds must be purchased with an Adult Ticket. Children under 4 enter FREE.

Please note that children under the age of 18 must be accompanied in the Campsite and Festival grounds by a responsible adult, parent or guardian at all times.

Once you have selected your 2 Day Festival Pass or VIP Pass, you can move on to the Campsite and Camping Passes (you cannot purchase a Campsite on a 1 Day Festival Pass).

Each large site will camp 1-8 people, and each small site will camp 1-6 people. If you are staying in a group of 4, you might purchase 1x small site (powered or unpowered). The ticketing process will prompt you to select the number of camping passes you require for your site (in this scenario, selecting 4).

Entrance to the Campsites will be from 7am Thursday 21st September.

You may exit and enter the Festival and Campsite, provided you keep your Wristband on at all times to gain entry back in. Please note that all cars parked in the Campsite must remain parked until the Festival has ended.

Day Ticket Holders:
Same day exit and re-entry will only be available in extenuating circumstances.

Our Campsites will have shower blocks, toilets, and accessible versions of the same.

Yes, there will be a water tank in the Campsite, suitable for drinking. Please note that each individual site will not have its own water supply

We are happy for you to use your gas cookers in the Campsite area only. Please use common sense and caution when operating these for the safety of other campers, yourselves, and the environment. If there is a high fire risk at the time of the Festival, then we will update you as soon as possible on the permission of gas cookers.

We have powered and unpowered sites available, you can select either at ticket purchase.

Yes, you may bring a generator.

Please note that these must be switched off between 12am and 6am.

No, our campsites are not pre-allocated but are grouped by category to use the area as efficiently as possible (extra small unpowered, small unpowered, small powered, large unpowered and large powered)

However, you can do the following ensure that you will end up next to your friends/family:

  1. When you purchase a ticket, both parties must chose the same campsite size and power supply (e.g. both large unpowered); and
  2. Upon arrival, stop in our “Wait for your Mates” area before entering the Campsite to collect your convoy of vehicles that you wish to camp next to. This way, we can ensure you will enter the Campsite with your mates and be set up beside each other for your best VAN JAM experience.

Happy Camping!

No, for the safety of our staff and other attendees, you will not be able to move your vehicle once it is parked in its allocated site until the end of the Festival. If you do wish to use your car during the Festival, you can drop off your belongings to the Campsite and then move the car directly to the dedicated overflow parking area.

Yes, there will be a platform at the main stage for accessible viewing and will be marked out on the Festival Map.

Yes, please refer to the Festival Map to locate these.

Yes, this will be sign posted on entry to the Carpark and on located the Festival Map.

Is there something else you’d like to know?

Please submit your query to us HERE and we’ll get back to you via email as soon as possible.

Send us an email HERE and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Day parking will be clearly sign posted upon entry and is marked out on the Festival Map.

We will be prioritising local youth groups for our volunteer team at VAN JAM. However, we will be needing some extra hands on deck so we’d love to know how you’d like to contribute!

Click HERE to be taken to our Volunteer Application.

Yes, there will be a First Aid area – please refer to the Festival Map.

In the event of an emergency, please make your way to one of the emergency exits and follow the directions from Festival Staff.

Yes – prams are permitted into the Festival and Camp Site.

We recommend that any small children attending the Festival wear appropriate ear protection.

There will be allocated smoking areas on the Festival grounds, which you can find on the Festival Map

VAN JAM will be going ahead of rain, hail or shine!

We just ask that you do not bring umbrellas of any kind into the Main Stage area.

The Information Desk will be marked on the Festival Map and will be where lost and found will be kept.

Any items not collected by the end of the Festival will be kept for 1 week. Any valuable items will be handed over to the Police and non-valuable items (like clothing items) will be donated to a local charity where possible.

The Information Desk will be marked on the Festival Map and be easily found on the Festival grounds. Feel free to head over to our friendly team for any questions you might have throughout the day.